Register for Winter Training 2023 - Speed/Interval Session

2023 Session
January 8 – March 12 

8 Week Program  |  1 Session Every Week (can pair with Endurance/Distance program)
Program Cost: $75


The Speed/Interval program will include up-tempo training, hills, fartleks, intervals (on or off a track pending availability), etc. This program is appropriate for new and competitive runners -- volume/intensity will be adjusted to fit your indivdual needs. Note that HEAD LAMPS/other lighting devices and reflective gear are required for this class (evening sessions) for your safety.

There are no program discounts this session as the registration system is not enabling them to function correctly. Instead, if you are ALREADY registered for a Endurance/Distance Session and are adding Speed/Interval as your second program, EMAIL US at when you have completed registration for both to receive $35 store credit at Potomac River Running as our thanks for participating in two programs together! We'll set up an account for you (or get the details of your existing PR account) and put the credit in so you can use it seamlessly - gear up for the New Year!


Ashburn: =PR= One Loudoun (and other area running venues)
Wednesdays: 6:30-7:30 PM

Robinson HS, =PR= Burke (and other area running venues)
Tuesdays: 6:30-7:30 PM

South Riding*: Freedom HS
Mondays: 6:30-7:30 PM
*Session in South Riding will be offered pending sufficient registration. Register using code SRWINTER and you will not be charged initially. Once we confirm that we will go forward, we'll reach out about payment.

Vienna:  Madison HS, =PR= Vienna (and other area running venues)
Sundays:  10:00-11:00 AM (note AM, weekend day/time)

Note: When sessions meet at a park, track, or other venue we cannot guarantee restrooom access.

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