Register for the Running 101 - Early Spring


Focused on the novice runner, Running 101(™) is ideal for a new runner or athlete returning to the sport after a layoff or injury.  Runners capable of running for at least 30-60 seconds without a break will be comfortable in Running 101(™) -- the program is a good bridge from walking to running.  While Running 101(™) is open to everyone, we encourage runners capable of running a mile in 9:00 or faster, and/or those able to run five miles or more without stopping, to consider a more advanced program.

The 8-week Running 101(™) program is offered in multiple sessions from spring - fall each year.

The Running 101(™) program helps you gradually increase your running volume, while focusing on proper running technique and a strong fundmental base.  By the end of the program you will be prepared for a race of 5K to 10K distance.


The program meets for multiple sessions between spring and late fall for two one-hour sessions each week.  Participants are encouraged to attend at least one session weekly -- we understand that work, travel, and family commitments may mean one cannot always attend both sessions. Participants also receive guidance on what to do on their own for days the group does not meet.  A typical session will combine endurance-focused running with some basic speedwork. The pure running component of the training is supplemented with stretching and conditioning, but first and foremost this program is about RUNNING -- not a boot camp or conditioning class.

No matter your starting point, you can gain fitness with this program. When you complete Running 101(™), choose to repeat it again, or, if you have moved to a new level of fitness and are setting time and improvement goals, you may want to consider a Running 201 program or an Individualized Training Program.

The 2019 program cost for a new participant in Running 101(™) is $145 for an 8-week session.  Returning participant cost (for returners from any previous PR Training program) is $115 for the 8-week session. This cost includes up to 16 weekday coached group sessions (we understand you may not be able to attend them all, but encourage all participants to commit to attending at least one session/week on average.) For the early spring session, ALL participants also receive a newly designed commemorative program shirt, and be eligible for other giveaways.  Runners currently participating in a winter program (Cherry Blossom, 5K/10K, or Distance Training) are eligible for an additional $20 savings due to the short overlap in the weekday program sessions. Email for a promo code.


In 2019, Running 101 will be offered in the evenings (from 6:30-7:30 PM) at multiple locations, including Arlington, Burke, DC, Ashburn/One Loudoun, Vienna, and Reston. Additional sites may be added and Session dates are subject to change. 

Running 101(™) Early Spring 2019 Session Dates/Sites

2019 Early Spring Sessions begin the week of March 18th, 2019. Planned locations/days for the Early Spring session are described below.  All sessions meet at 6:30 PM except as otherwise noted.

Running 101(™) ARLINGTON: Meets M/W, 3/18-5/9 from 6:30-7:30 PM at =PR= Arlington and/or W-L HS/local parks. Coaches communicate venue changes.

Running 101(™) ASHBURN/ONE LOUDOUN: Meets T/Th, 3/19-5/10 from 6:30-7:30 PM

Running 101(™) BURKE: Meets T/Th, 3/19-5/10 from 6:30-7:30 PM at =PR= Burke one evening and Robinson HS track the other (pending HS field use). Coaches communicate venue changes.

Running 101(™) DC (City Center/Tenleytown): Meets T/Th, 3/19-5/10 from 6:30-7:30 PM at =PR= DC

Running 101(™) VIENNA: Meets T/Th, 3/19-5/10 from 6:30-7:30 PM at =PR= Vienna

Running 101(™) RESTON: Meets M/W, 3/18-5/9, from 6:30-7:30 PM at =PR= Reston. Note that parking is FREE after 5 PM so no issues at class time! Coaches communicate venue changes.