Register for the A.M. Interval

Since 2001, =PR= Training has been a fixture at the W-L HS track on Tuesday/Thursday mornings. Join the group for weekly interval sessions (and the occasional trip off-track for threshold/tempo and hill work) appropriate for runners of all levels. Interval training can help you improve your endurance, prepare for a longer race, prepare to run a shorter race faster, and more. Runners receive interval sessions only at a lower fee without additional training plans (though a coach is always available to chat before or after the training about your questions on what to do on other days, race strategy and preparation, and more.

If you're looking for a personalized plan, consider a consult or online program.) Each day's workout has a "theme" -- e.g., aerobic capacity or threshold work. The workout can be modified to accommodate the fitness levels and training needs of a variety of runners, by changing the interval quantity, increasing or decreasing the rest relative to the distance run, etc. This approach enables runners to train together and enjoy mutual support and camaraderie even if they are have different ability or are focusing on different goals.

A typical session will involve a specific workout “theme” — many sessions are geared toward improving your threshold (the pace you can maintain for up to an hour – for many it’s 10K-10M pace.) This training is particularly beneficial because it has major fitness impact but also enables fairly quick recovery. Other sessions have an aerobic capacity or running economy focus. No matter your starting point, you can gain fitness with this program. Runners of all levels can train together, learn more effective pacing, and improve their running technique — enabling them to run faster at the same level of effort.

The program meets for multiple sessions year-round for two one-hour sessions each week. Participants are encouraged to attend at least one session weekly — we understand that work, travel, and family commitments may mean one cannot always attend both sessions. Participants also receive guidance on what to do on their own for days the group does not meet.

The program cost is $130 for your first 2-month training block. Thereafter, participants can continue monthly at $65/month.

The Arlington AM Interval Program will be offered in the mornings (from 6:30-7:30 AM) at W-L High School in the Ballston/VA Square area. The school is convenient to metro and has off-street parking available. If the track is unavailable (due to another event or potential work being done on the turf field in the center), the session will move to nearby parks/hills/other training venues. The program is ongoing and new runners may join at any time.

Online registration for this event is currently closed