Register for the Evening Interval

The Winter Interval Training Program is designed for runners of all levels who are looking for a group atmosphere and a coach's guidance as they continue to work on their speed and endurance, as well as running mechanics and technique. Whether you're a new runner, a previous Running 101 or 201 participant, a marathoner recovering from your fall effort, or training for a spring race, this program will give you some structure and motivation during the winter months and help prepare you for your springtime goals. Coaches will challenge the most experienced runners, but novices also can get started running right by taking this class.

The program is track-based and currently offered in Arlington, Burke, DC, and Reston. When the track is not available due to HS sports or other conflicts, we will offer an off-track workout. Each week will include workouts appropriate to improve your base and build your endurance, focusing on improving your lactate tolerance and aerobic capacity. For those training with our Distance Training or Cherry Blossom/Spring Mid-Distance Training program there will also be additional volume and/or intensity focused on building your strength for those longer races. When weather permits, coaches will include some true “speed” from time to time as well.

The program is planned for 12/10/19 through 3/28/20, conditions permitting. There will be no session the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

The program cost for the Winter Evening Interval Program is $99 for the session. This cost includes up to twelve weekly coached workout sessions, and participant benefits including a commemorative program t-shirt and other giveaways and social activities.

If you are also training with =PR= in the Distance Training Program, Weekend 5K/10K Program, or Cherry Blossom/Spring Mid-Distance Training Program, add the Evening Interval Program for only $30 — just email us at for a promo code. Active participants in the Winter Evening Interval Program also receive special promotions from Potomac River Running Store and discounts on entry to all =PR= owned races. Previous Participants in =PR= Training Programs will automatically receive a $10 discount on registration if you use the same account. No code needed!

**NOTE TO RETURNING PARTICIPANTS**: Your returning participant discount will be applied at the end of registration, and will be shown in your cart at checkout.

The program is planned continues through 3/28/20, though some locations will move off-track in March due to HS events.  

ARLINGTON: Sessions meet WEDNESDAY evenings, 12/11-3/25, at 6:30 PM at Washington-Lee High School (Metro-accessible via the Orange Line). No session week of 12/23.

BURKE: Sessions meet TUESDAY evenings, 12/10-3/24, at 6:30 PM at Robinson HS or =PR= Burke (coaches will communicate venue.) No session week of 12/23.

DC:  Sessions meet THURSDAY evenings, 12/12-3/26 at Wilson High School.  No session the week of 12/23. 

RESTON: Sessions meet TUESDAY evenings, 12/10-3/24, at 6:30 PM at South Lakes High School. No session the week of 12/23.

Online registration for this event is currently closed